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In the past few years, our company has acquired cutting edge instruments, which allow extremely accurate and reliable measurements, especially electrical measurements such as linear and screening attenuation, return losses, capacitance, etc. In addition, we have a fleet of the latest generation of production machinery that ensures processing products with greater production consistency than in the past.

WHAT IS CPR? (EU Directive no. 305/2011)

EU Directive no. 305/2011, known as CPR, has been introduced in all EU Member States as of July 2013. CPR covers cables used for the transmission of energy and telecommunications, both copper and fiber optic, to be installed in buildings and civil engineering works, with a focus on fire performance.

CPR introduced a common technical language and shared evaluation methods that define uniform Euroclasses related to cable performance. Product compliance with the Regulation is standardized by EN50575 for reaction to fire requirements, test methods and cable evaluation. Compliance is also ensured by the Declaration of Performance (DoP) issued by each manufacturer to the user and the CE marking on products.

Signal cables used in public and private buildings, must ensure adequate reaction to fire and limited release of hazardous substances in order to ensure building safety in case of fire. Euroclass criteria articulate cable characteristics according to four parameters: flame propagation classes, smoke density and acidity, and flaming droplets.

The product classification process begins with the selection of a notified body, accredited with the European Commission and included in the Notified and Designated Information System (NANDO). Cables are subjected to the relevant tests and, in case of positive feedback, the fire reaction classification report for electrical cables is issued. Supported by the positive feedback from the tests and the issuance of the classification report, manufacturers such as us can prepare the respective Declaration of Performance (DoP), whereby we take responsibility for declaring the reaction-to-fire class of the product.

The DoP is a public document and can be requested at any time from our company. The Euroclass table adopted in Italy is available to define the specific fire reaction of cables.

CE marking and labeling of cables

In accordance with the guidelines of standard CEI EN 50575, a CE label is required to be affixed to each individual cable within the packaging unit. Moreover, an additional label should be on the outer cardboard box or reel so that the production batch is clearly visible. Below is an example of both labels

CPR declarations on cable sheath

In addition to the Euroclass classification, the production batch code is also printed on the outer cable sheath. The code is in the form dddaa (n) and provides the following information:

- ddd represents the day of the production year;

- aa represents the year of production;

- (n) indicates the sequential batch number if several identical batches were made on the same day, if any.