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DVB-T2 switch-off: which Cavel cables to choose to avoid interference

Focus On: DVB-T2

DVB-T2 switch-off: which Cavel cables to choose to avoid interference

The implementation of the DVB-T2 standard and future 5G services requires a revision of the TV reception system. The installer's task is also to seriously evaluate the replacement of the coaxial cable with one of adequate quality, such as the Cavel® models described in these pages, to avoid interference and ensure work in a workmanlike manner.


Farewell Mr. BRUNO

On November 16th , 2018 Mr. Bruno Fontana - President, founder and pillar of the company - has passed away.
He leaves a huge void and the memory of a wonderful person, that will remain forever in our hearts.


Mini-Rolls CAVEL©

Italiana Conduttori is glad to offer its range of CAVEL branded cables also made into rolls of short sizes, such as: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 m, i.e of "consumer" type, ideal to streamline and speed up the installation, and suitable:

- to private users, who wants to engage in the "do-it-yourself" without renouncing to quality products and consuming an amount of cable appropriate to their needs;
- to professionals, to reduce the processing time and minimize waste, when they are in the need of achieving serial wiring;
- to companies, when it is willing to provide its customers with a complete kit for the installation of an antenna system, already fitted with cable and connectors.

In fact it is possible to request the Mini-Rolls formats:

- they are already inclusive of the appropriate connectors, packaged together with the cable;
- but also with one or both ends already fitted with the required connectors.

Particularly suited to this destination are the FCPO Series CAVEL connectors:
F interface, Compression, Push On, i.e.: manual compression, without tools.
These in fact, do not require the use of tools to be compressed on the cable and require only a little attention during the cable preparation.
If you are provided with the practical CAVEL stripper, as item CS00, used on most of the standard cables, the operation becomes even easier.

Other "do-it-yourself" connectors, very suitable for this purpose, are the IEC connectors with screw threading, both male and female, and both straight and 90°, with body and ring nut exclusively in lathe-turned metal, which guarantee a high shielding efficiency to the complete cable.

Going back to the cables, for example, two of our most commonly required products for these applications are DG113 and RP705. For these, as for all our standard cables, sheath versions of different nature are available according to the specific applications, specifically:

- PVC, standard white for indoor installation or black with UV protection;
- Black PE, suitable for outdoor installation or in underground cable ducts and in all cases in which a particular resistance to the weather conditions or to extreme environmental conditions are required;
- LSZH, extremely versatile sheath because made of compound: flame resistant, low smoke emission, zero halogen and UV resistant, suitable: to indoor installation, including public works that require security in the event of fire, and outdoor installation, without renouncing to a greater flexibility than PE sheath.

As these products are "upon request", the Mini-Rolls can be prepared choosing among the full range of our coaxial cables, as well as our standard connectors.
For this purpose, we suggest to check the possible combinations of cables and the suitable connectors according to the desired interface, opening the data-sheet of any cable from our website and the underneath subsequent windows that show the available combinations.

The Mini-Rolls are individually packaged in shrink film, equipped with identification disc/label with bar code; loose connectors are in turn in a plastic bag with identification label and instructions for use. The rolls are supplied in Pall-Box made of strong cardboard on a pallet; the contents of a Pall-Box, variable according to the size of the individual roll, is about 250 pieces. The minimum executable amount of Mini-Rolls corresponds to a quantity of 5,000 m of coaxial cable for each desired size.

We are available to provide, upon request, any additional information and details regarding the Mini-Rolls supply.

New hybrid multimedia cables

 The need to converge different technologies, such as HD video control and distribution, audio services and broadband data transmission in residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as remote locations requires the use of combinations of different types of cable assembled in the same sheath.

So-called Hybrid Cables are ideal for low-voltage applications, offering power, signal and data transmission cables in a single solution without any risk of interference.
Incorporating the distinctive features of each cable in a single external sheath offers great space savings in conduits and drastically reduces laying times and the risk of errors, in any case guaranteeing simple installation and high performance over time.

Hybrid cables usually combine high performance coaxial cables with network cables, such as Cat.6 and now also Cat.7A data cables; they may also include empty tubes of various diameters, able to subsequently house optical fiber cables inserted using insufflation techniques. They are the ideal solution for connecting machinery, electrical panels, electrical and electronic equipment and control systems.

We are also able to develop other types in addition to those illustrated in the Hybrid Cables section, and remain at the disposal of our customers to design “tailor-made” solutions to meet their specific requirements.

The following link introduces you to the available range of CAVEL hybrid cables.

Hybrid Cables

file extension pdf Download the Leaflet



cavi-per-videosorveglianzaToday, CAVEL offers a range of coaxial and LAN cables both single and provided with electrical conductors. They are suitable for both analogue systems and cameras and digital HD systems as well as more sophisticated video transmissions with professional equipment fitted with SDI and HD-SDI interfaces.

This new range of cables provides better linear attenuation, allowing you to install longer stretches of cable without the need for amplification. It also offers high screening efficiency against electromagnetic interference (EMI).

In order to aid professional video security installers and use the best solutions for each type of system, CAVEL has significantly widened its range of dedicated coaxial cables, called VSHD.
Finally, an important feature that should not be forgotten and is common to all CAVEL coaxial cables and LANs for video security is the blue LSZH sheath, which boasts the following characteristics: 

No propagation of flames and fires
Low smoke emissions
No halogen fumes
Resistance to UV rays
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation
Recommended for installation in public areas and in all cases where fire safety is a priority, for example: schools, hospitals, banks, airports, etc.
Designed to comply with Standard IEC-UNEL 36762, which allows these cables to coexist with other electrical cables in the same distribution duct.
file extension pdf  In the attached file you can get our new dedicated catalogue 143-Europe.

Coexistence between coaxials and power cables

Coexistence of coaxials with power cables Often the installers ask us if a coaxial cable can be placed in the same conduit with power cables (eg nominal electrical voltage 220 or 380 Vac). It has been recently issued by the CEI (Italian Organization for Standardization) the CEI-UNEL 36762 Standard which clarifies this matter.

This Technical Standard specifies the minimum requirements and the tests to be performed on a signal cable so that it can be placed in the same conduit containing power cables.

CAVEL recently submitted all the cables shown in the catalog to this Standard and can now ensure that all products are electrically safe and suitable for use in the same conduit containing power cables. To ensure this the sheath will be marked with the label "CEI-UNEL 36762 C-4 (U0=400V)". Anyway the installer should evaluate if electromagnetic intereference between cables is possible.

 file extension pdf Click here to download our Declaration of Conformity.

CAVEL fake cables - Beware of imitations!

CAVEL - Original packaging

Being the market leader for reputation and quality exposes to the risk of being copied from incorrect manufacturers. That 's what happens to the brand CAVEL cables that are often victims of imitations. In the picture you can see the latest example of cloned cable found in the Russian market. For now, the problem seems confined to a few countries, but we can not exclude the possibility that someone could sell false products in other markets. Obviously these fake cables don't show the same quality as those marked CAVEL and can cause, against our will, serious problems to customers.

Thus, you should pay attention to the print on the cable and on the packaging but especially in the presence of the security hologram, glued (not printed!) on the cardboard, which guarantees the origin of the product.

Thank you for any reports of suspected coaxial cables.

LAN CABLES are now available by CAVEL


During 2011, ITALIANA CONDUTTORI acquired the best machineries on the market suitable to the production of LAN CABLES and the best quality control instrumentation too.

We offer a wide range of LAN cables: cat. 5e, 6, 6A (shielded and not), 7 and 7A (always shielded).

Available on demand a series of LAN cables studied to guarantee more flexibility, from cat. 5e to cat. 7A

LAN video presentation

Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV)

Dear customer, as you know most of the european countries are upgrading their television system to the digital technology.

Please note that the entire range of CAVEL coaxial cables - both drop cables and those for burial installation - are perfectly compatible with the new television standard.

Please visit the product area to view the advanced features of our coaxials cables.


We have found on the market clones very similar to CAVEL coaxials in packaging and cable design. After a technical check they result of poor quality, both electrically than mechanically. To prevent our customers from buying fake cables and from wasting money on low quality cables, we designed brand-new dishes with a security hologram applied beside the meter marking. The label is hard to reproduce, guarantees the high quality level of CAVEL cables and certifies the origin of the product. Hoping this change will be appreciated, we thank all installers for their confidence on CAVEL brand.